2011年11月1日前 2011年11月1日后
无加试: 60分钟。 一篇阅读(20分钟),结束后再两篇文章(40分钟),时间上各自分割,不可统筹安排。 三篇文章(60分钟)中间无时间上的分割,各篇文章间时间上可统筹安排。
有加试, 由原来的100分钟变为80分钟。 一篇阅读(20分钟),结束后再两篇文章(40分钟)+两篇加试文章(40分钟)共计:100分钟。时间上各自分割,不可统筹安排。 3篇阅读文章加1篇加试, 共计:80分钟, 中间无时间上的分割,各篇文章间时间上可统筹安排。 加试由原来的两篇变为一篇。


In response to feedback about the length of the TOEFL iBT® reading section, ETS will decrease the maximum number of reading passages from five to four beginning November 1, 2011. You will have either 60 minutes to complete three reading passages and questions, or 80 minutes to complete four reading passages and questions.

In addition, the Reading section will no longer be divided into separately timed parts. Instead, all of the Reading passages and questions will be made available to you in a single block of time. This change will allow you to pace yourself throughout the entire Reading section. It will also allow you to navigate within the entire Reading section so you can skip questions, go back to review and change responses, or respond to questions that you may have skipped.

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