Our Mission

Edugym is a Chinese information platform written for high school students who want to study in USA,as well as for their parents; it's also written for early year college students who plan to transfer to U.S. colleges for their undergraduate studies.

Our aim is to assist students who have good English skills to complete their college applications themselves, by accessing the information through our platform. For those students whose English is not good enough to prepare the applications completely by themselves, we hope the content of our website can help students and their families to identify knowledgeable and responsible independent college consultants or agents, and eventually fulfill their college dreams in USA.

We also promote the idea of not cheating in the college application and that the 'best fit' is more important than school ranking, because getting admitted is not the ultimate goal, but is a beginning of a great journey.

About the Founder

Ms. Chen, who started the Edugym site on December 2010, was originally from China, has been living in USA for twelve years, and a member of NACAC (NACAC) and New York State Association for College Admission Consultants (NYSACAC). The site aims to provide students quality college application information, and the latest trends in the college admissions. Ms. Chen has various connections with colleagues both in universities and high schools, and participates broadly in professional activities. In addition to the Edugym site, the site writer also actively engages in community services utilizing her previous science background. In the past, she has helped students from multiple non-profit organizations, such as YMCA in downtown New York , the Children’s Aids’ Society at Bronx during after-school STEM programs.

Comments by Users

—-wow!!Thank u soooo much for providing the address~~it is helpful!!

—-Thank you very much. It would be very convenient for students to find the information.

—-Very cool site

—-Ah, excellent. Keep up. Could you add more information for scholarship applications?

—-thanx~it does help~

—-Very good! Thank you!

—-Hopefully over time this site is getting better and better: having more rich content and providing more convenience for students.

—-I forgot to say, the website is excellent. I would recommend it to my classmates who also plan to study in America.

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