Must I Take an English Language Ability Test to Study in the U.S.?

Posted on:2010- 12 - 1 .

Dual enrollment, i.e, conditional admission (Chinese Translation: 有条件录取), is a special admission established by U.S. universities for students whose native language is not English. When a high school student's academic ability meets a school's admission criteria, but his English ability does not meet the entry requirements, this college can issue two admission notices to the student: the official admission notices of acceptance by both the college and the language center. When the student arrives in the United States, he first takes an English test held by the ESL center or the university's own language learning center. After that, it will be arranged that he enrolls in a language class corresponding to the language level reflected his score on the English entrance examination. After passing the language test, he can study the university degree courses.

*: At present, more than 600 U.S. institutions accept ESL certificates as proof of students' language level required for college admission.