Proof of Financial Resources or Financial Assistance Form

Posted on: 2011-07-16

Some colleges and universities require students to submit a proof of financial resources when applying to the schools( 财力证明表). A bank statement (银行存款证明) and a statement of employment (父母收入证明 ) are also required to be included in the application. For the former you need to ask your bank to give you both a Chinese original and an English translation. It usually costs twenty Chinese yuan for one copy. For the latter your parents' employers can provide it for you. Since some schools only request the documents after they accept you, you should check each school's requirements on the college web site.

Students who want to receive the financial assistance must fill out the financial aid application form (财力资助申请表). Financial assistance is granted based on need. Hence, you should fill out household income, expenditure and assets. Different schools have different financial assistance application forms and proof of financial resources forms. For the forms, you can doenload them on the schools' web sites. Many schools use ISFAA (the international student financial aid application) and COF (The international student certification of finances) on the college board. If the college does not offer scholarships, they usually have their own application form similar to the COF form.