How can I find a good consulting company to help me with my college applications?

Posted on: 2011- August 2nd

Finding a good consulting company, to a large extent, is to find a good consultant.

Is a large consulting firm definitely better than a small firm? In fact the quality of a consultant has nothing to do with a company's size. Large companies can still have inexperienced consultants, small companies can also have good consultants.

Is a certified agent definitely better than a consulting firm that has no certification in China? A consultant's skills and quality have no relation with whether the company is a certified intermediary in China or not. China's consultant is a product developed in recent years, and produced after the Chinese government stop giving certification to any agent. Therefore, however outstanding the consultants in a new consulting company are, the firm cannot get the so-called Chinese government's certification. In other words, only the old agency could be allowed to have the certification, and what they have is just a certification for the qualified agent firm, but not the qualifications for being consultants. Because the examination of agency's qualification by the Chinese government is required to have a certain number of registered capital, hire an accountant and a lawyer, and have own physical office. It's clear none of above things is related to advisory capacity.

Which kind of consultant can be called a good consultant?

To assess the quality of a consultant, it should include both hard aspects and soft aspects. Hard aspects, such as:  consultant's related education and training background, his relevant work experience, how much he knows the area, especially his knowledge in specific U.S colleges, and whether he knows the latest industry trends. Soft aspects can be: a consultant's responsibility, whether the number of cases he receives are out of his handle capacity, and his communication skills.

How can a family find a good consultant?

(I) Grasp college application, for the purpose of arming yourself; (II) Carefully compare different consultants; (III) Make well use of Google. However well the consultant boasts himself, analyze whether it is true or not before trusting it; (IV) have basic judgment skills. In English, there is a phrase called "common sense." For some things, if you think it over a little bit, you'll know it is impossible, but there are still people who are willing to believe it. That is having no common sense.

In China, there is a more noteworthy phenomenon. That is the entire service process is not completed by one person,Euphemistically called”Teamwork”. In this case, even if you talk to the one who is very knowledgeable, looks very responsible, but it does not mean that in the future a few people to give you the service must be so. It is necessary to look for when you have to pay attention to a few companies abroad: I. At least in the early stage of the service, if you are not satisfied you can quit and receive a full refund or a refund of most of the money. II. On word of mouth, you should not believe too much in advertisement from the propaganda machine, or messages left on the internet by unknown people because that can be bought. Word of mouth should come from the experience of your own friends, relatives or your school mates, who are most trustworthy