Documents used to apply for U.S. student visa

Required documents for applying a visa to study in USA:

  • Complete SEVIS form: I – 20-20 or I-20M-N table, obtained from school
  • SEVIS receipt: the electronic version of the receipt or original copy of the I-797 receipt $100 for the fee
  • DS-160 form confirmation pageconfirmation page,obtained from the U.S. State Department website
  • Passport: valid for at least six months (preferably longer)
  • 22 in. x 2 in(5cmx5cm) white background color photos. Also
  • also the original visa application fee receipt (2pieces), accurately fill out the pinyin name and passport number in the specified locations
  • Financial Statement

You also need to collect documents to support your student visa application:

  • Transcripts, the original and English translation
  • SAT, TOEFL score
  • U.S. university admission notice
  • Degree certificate, original and English translation
  • Materials for the school(school home page, department page, course information)
  • You or your family's bank statements, tax documents, any investment, original real estate document (you, your parents or sponsor)
  • Proof of income of your parents or other sponsors. The proof issued by the companies should include job, serving time, annual income. The format is as follows: I certify that Mr. / Ms. xxxx is an employee of our company since Month, date, year, and his job title is ______________. His annual income is ______________ (Annual income includes annual salary, bonus, commission, and various subsidies ) His personal income tax has been withheld. XXX (manager signature, seal, financial chapter), month day, year.;
  • If you have your own business, you need to provide the original business registration or license, the tax bills, the shareholder capital verification report.
  • Documents to show the relationship with your parents
  • The documents showing any scholarships or other financial sources (financial aid from college, government or organization, university scholarship)
  • Evidence that you intend to return to the home country, for example, after the completion of the studies in the U.S. you will be employed (you can bring an employment letter);evidence that you own the assets in your country;any other evidence shows you have a solid relationship with your country.