List of Things Needed for Studying Abroad

Posted on:Dec 2, 2010

Carry-on baggage:

(I),Small trolley case or large travel bag

Quality must be good; appearance must be beautiful. Also, the size should not exceed 115cm, because you will frequently use it later when you are in USA and need to travel.

(II),Cash and documents:
1. Cash, credit cards, coins ( (for tips, phone calls).
2. Passports, flight tickets, admission notice, I-20, your U.S. school address and phone number.
3.Diploma, degree certificate, official transcripts, TOEFL, SAT or other standard tests scores, letters of recommendation.
4.Birth certificate, notarized no criminal record, international driver's license, and several pieces of photos. - Non-essential items.
5.Emergency contact phone number.

Put a pen in your Carry-on baggage. Besides, you should also include any valuables, clothing that is enough for two or three days’ usage, personal items, prescription drugs, glasses, spare glasses and optometry prescription, and other important items. Be sure to bring a copy of important document. When filling out a form, do not take the original but the copy so as not leave the originals aside and forget to put back

II. Luggage

Label each piece of checked luggage, clearly write down your full name, flight number, start location, destination, destination address and telephone information.

(I),Large luggage
Two pieces of 158 cm luggage (the sum of the trilateral length should be no more than 158cm). As a checked suitcase, it is very rare to use, and probably will only be of use when returning to China, thus a case of ordinary quality should be OK. You should buy canvas, because its shipping weight is less, is also not easy to be broken.

(II). Books and Dictionaries
1. Learner Dictionary, English-English dictionary, Chinese dictionary
2. Specialty Dictionaries
3. Portable electronic dictionary
4.Song CD, relatives and friends' photos, commonly used software(do not carry pirated software)
5. Two-inch bareheaded color photos

(III). Household electrical appliances and digital products
1. Laptop
2. Chargers, rechargeable batteries
3. Power converters (U.S. voltage is 110V, different from China)

(IV). Commodity

Shirts, underwear, T-shirts, jeans, trousers, slacks, jackets;and a few pairs of sports shoes, leather shoes, sandals, slippers, each 1-2 pairs ; one set of down jacket, and dress; one set of cotton sheets and cotton pillowcases; umbrella, alarm clock, comb, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, one for each; a dozen of cotton socks; scissors, knives, and chopsticks. Apparel in the United States is very cheap, so you don’t need to bring a lot, just using for the very beginning when you just arrive at the school.

(V) . Medicines & Health Products

The co-pay to see the emergency department in USA(Chinese Translation: 挂号费)is expensive. You have to wait for many days to see a specialist for an appointment, so you can carry a small amount of medicine, such as gastrointestinal drugs, cold medicines, pain relievers, antibiotics, skin medicine, and Yunnan White Medicine. If it is not commonly used drugs, be sure to check with the U.S. Customs to get clear which medicine is prohibited to be imported.

(6) . Gift

The gift to American friends does not need to be very expensive, but it is better to have some specific Chinese characteristics.

(VII),Native Goods

You can bring some food from your home town. Be careful that you can only bring in dry foods and also no meat.