How to Apply to a Selective College?

Posted on:December 16, 2010

Students who do not intend to come to America with a conditional admission but plan to take the TOEFL and SAT1/ACT exams, as long as you start early, will have a good chance of a satisfactory application results. Please also follow the Plan 1. However, under these circumstances, you should adjust your test preparation plan and other preparation work to your individual circumstances. You only need to prepare for TOEFL and SATI / ACT tests, but not SAT II and AP exams. When planning your studies, you should adhere to the following principles:

  1. First, ensure yourself achieving good academic results
  2. Ensure good TOEFL scores before pursuing high SAT1/ACT test scores.
  3. Focus on the depth of extracurricular activities rather than the activity number.