Applying for a Visa Back to the U.S. After Visiting Relatives in China

Posted on: 2011-Jun 23

Any student studying in the U.S. who renews a visa for re-entering the U.S. after visiting relatives in China can go to CITIC bank for a visa delivery service without interview. Assigned by both the U.S. consulate and visa applicants, CITIC bank processes the delivery service of visa application materials.

The applicant must meet the following conditions to qualify to have the visa interview waived:

  • Either the applicant's last visa was still valid, or the signed visa expiration date is no more than 12 months.
  • The applicant must return to same school as stated in the previous application.
  • The applicant must apply for the same type of visa.
  • The applicant must submit the application in the consular district where the applicant permanently resides.

All applicants who meet the above conditions can bring materials required for visa application, including a passport printed with the applicant's previous U.S. visa, and the official transcripts, to CITIC Bank branches.

Most CITIC Banks in China charge a fee of RMB 200, but banks in certain locations charge slightly higher fees. Detailed information can be found online, or by calling 95558, the telephone number of CITIC Bank customer service center, or by going to a local consulting service network.