ACT Test and Registration Procedures

Published on: 2010-11-30, last updated on: 2014-03-12

The ACT and SAT are seen as equal in value. Different from the SAT test, the ACT test is more like a curriculum-based test, because it not only measures the test takers' ability to analyze problems but also his knowledge of school subjects. Students in China are strong in Math, Physics, and Chemistry. Hence, in view of the test difficulty, for candidates in China, the ACT exam is easier than the SAT test. The ACT has an additional Science Reasoning section. Many schools allow students to submit the ACT to replace the SAT plus SAT subject tests, even some elite universities do so.

I. ACT Test Content

The ACT exam consists of four sections, 215 questions: 75 English test questions, 60 math questions, 40 reading questions, and 40 science questions. The exam, which lasts 175 minutes, has a total score of 36 points. There is an additional 30 minutes for an optional writing section. Most American universities that accept ACT scores require the writing section.

II. ACT Test Dates and Application

The ACT holds tests each year in February, April, June, September, late October, and December. April, October and December exams have the writing section. Different from the SAT, the ACT has test centers in China, but these test centers are only open to a small number of students; only those students have either completed GAC courses or graduated from secondary schools that have a contract with the ACT test center can participate in ACT examination in the mainland of China. Unfortunately, the rest have to choose to test in Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. You should go to the ACT official website to register for the test. On the ACT official website, you can search for a test center on the page for Finding a Test Center in Your Country. When registering for the ACT exam online, please fill in the address with your home address, and select test locations as Hong Kong or Singapore.

You should register for the ACT online at least 36 days prior to the test date. When you are registering for your test, first establish an account. After you complete the account registration, click“Register to Test” for exam registration. Cost of $ 36.5 apply (without the writing section),or $52.50(with the writing section), international students are required to pay an international student surcharge of $27.

III. ACT Test Score Releasing Time

ACT test scores are usually available two and a half weeks after the test date. The test results are mailed 3-8 weeks after the examination, but if you also take the writing test, you will receive your ACT score together with the writing score 5-8 weeks after the test.

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