SAT Test and Registration Procedure

Posted on: November 30, 2010, Most Recent Update:March 12, 2014

The SAT test is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States, which has two types of tests: the SAT reasoning test and the SAT subject test. The SAT test deducts points for wrong answers. So far, there is no indication that the College Board plans to abolish the penalty for wrong answers on the SAT or SAT subject exams.


Most universities and colleges require applicants to submit SAT scores, which includes three sections: math, reading and writing. SAT questions are mainly multiple choice questions. In short, the examination time and score of each section are as follows:

Math 54 questions 70 minutes 800 points
Reading 67 questions 70 minutes 800 points
Writing 49 questions 35 minutes 800 points
Composition 1 essay 25 minutes 12 points
Total 2400 points plus 12 points (essay)

SAT test are held in March, May, June, October, November, and December (The March test is only held in the U.S.). Also, international students need to register the test at least 30 days before the test date.

The SAT has a high level request for vocabulary, reading, writing and grammar. Hence, it is difficult for students in mainland of China. If you fill in the list of four schools to which you plan to apply when you register for the test, the College Board will send the SAT scores free of charge to these four schools. We don't recommend you send the scores to your top choice schools unless you won't have a chance to retake the SAT test. After you receive the test scores you can decide whether to send the test scores or retake the test. Most universities and colleges also allow candidates to choose the best scores of each individual test section from all of your previous SAT tests (SAT Score Choice) .

There is no SAT test center in China. Hence, some U.S. colleges and universities do not require Chinese students to submit their SAT scores. But if you want to get in a top university, you'd better have a SAT test score, which can increase your school choices. You can take the SAT test in Hong Kong , Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, or other test centers. On the SAT official website, you can find SAT test centers , select "test center" on the column "search by", then click the search button. In addition, please also remember that on different test dates the available test centers may differ.

Test fees: $51 for American Students, but international students are required to pay an additional international student registration fee of(for attending a test center outside the United States) $40.


SAT2 is the Subject Test, which lasts an hour. Not as many universities require SAT2 as SAT1 (about 180 institutions asked for SAT2 test scores.) However, most prestigious universities require students to submit 2-3 SAT2 scores, which will potentially increase the admission chance. SAT2 has 22 tests, including Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and so on.

For most students in mainland China, SAT Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are very easy, and you do not need to spend much effort on preparation. Hence, after memorizing relevant vocabularies and doing several practicing tests, most students can obtain high scores on these SAT subject tests.

SAT2 examination fees: the basic subject test fee is $ 24.50, language with listening test is also $24.50 per subject, $13 for per other additional subject。Besides, international students are required to pay an additional international student registration fee of(International Processing Fee), for Chinese student it is $40。


III. SAT Registration Procedure in China

First, prepare an international credit card. Then log into the Collegeboard website, click on the upper right corner ”Register Now“, register your user name and password, then enter in the registration page. Select the test type, test sites, grades, test time, the four schools you'll apply for(optional), and your credit card information. After you receive the confirmation, the registration is completed.

To date, over 830 schools either have made SAT1/ACT tests optional, or let you use other tests such as SAT2, AP, or IB to substitute the SAT1 test scores. This includes some famous universities, such as Wake Forest University( Wake Forest University).

IV . SAT Scores Release Date

It takes about two and a half weeks to receive the SAT1 test score, please click the Collegeboard SAT-related page for the exact test date and to check out your SAT scores.

I. 2014-2015 SAT1 and SAT2 test Dates(New)

II. 2013-2014 SAT1 and SAT2 test Dates

III. 2012-2013 SAT1 and SAT2 test Dates

IV. 2011-2012 SAT1 and SAT2 test Dates

V. 2010-2011 SAT1 and SAT2 Test Dates

VI. Universities that do not require standardized test scores SAT1/ACT (this is not the whole school list)