AP Exams

First Published on:Dec.1, 2010, Latest Updated on: :2014-03-12

AP Examinations (Advanced Placement), held by the College Board, are a series of tests on college level courses taught in high school. The AP test contains 22 sub-categories and 37 disciplines, are now open in many countries around world, and are held in May of each year (You can find the test time in China here).

On the College Board's official website, you can find AP Exam Content. Recently, the AP Test Committee decided that starting from May 2011, the multiple-choice score will be based on the number of questions answered correctly, and incorrect answers will no longer result in points being deducted .

If you receive AP scores of 4 or 5 points, your AP grade can be used as college credit. Also, the AP score has become an important factor for elite universities and colleges to make their admission decisions. Currently more than 3,200 universities accept AP credit (This includes over 90% of the four-year U.S. colleges and universities), 85% of AP students in selective universities have reported that AP results had a positive impact on their admissions decisions. When choosing AP subjects to prepare for, find out whether the universities you want to apply for recognize the AP credits, and whether the time of your AP exams conflicts with each other. You can access to the College Board official website, and find information about whether the universities accept specific AP scores or not.

Currently, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Changchun, Guangdong and many other places have opened AP test centers . Considering the majority of China's secondary schools do not teach AP courses, American universities do not require Chinese students to submit AP scores. What AP courses cover is closely related to the future college major. Hence, it is better to do some basic career planning and make the preliminary professional choices before preparing for AP. Otherwise, blindly preparing for AP won't bring you any worthwhile results.

Since AP courses are free of charge in U.S. high schools, studying AP in high school can also save on college costs.

AP exam registration usually ends in March. The test fee for American students is $89 per AP subject test, while a non- US student has to pay $119 for each AP test. It costs 1,000 Chinese yuan per exam for Chinese mainland students. Since 2011, the College Board no longer refunds candidates who miss their test date. Please register for your test after careful planning. Please click the link to AP registration procedure .