Posted on: November 29, 2010, Updated on:November 17, 2012


The maximum score on the TOEFL iBT is 120 points, 30 points for each section , including reading, listening, speaking, and writing. The TOEFL test is delivered via internet. The examination is about four hours long. Candidates can take notes during the exam, and the difficulty of a question has nothing to do with the accuracy of answering the previous questions.

The reading section has three articles, totally 34-56 questions, lasting 60-80 minutes, It examines a candidate's analytical ability and comprehension of the articles. The listening section has 60-90 minutes, and 34-51 questions, consisting of two lectures and four paragraphs of dialogue. The speaking section lasts 20 minutes,contains six questions, including two independent questions; two questions requiring candidates to read and answer questions based on listening materials; two questions that are based on the content relating to listening materials.The writing section lasts 50 minutes, includes independent writing and writing after reading and listening. Independent writing requires a candidate to state his views on a particular issue based on his own knowledge and experience; in the writing after reading and listening section, a test taker reads an article, the candidate then listens to a lecture, and then the candidate summarizes the main points of the listening material and explains how the elements are different from the reading materials. Some questions in Listening and reading sections are counted as testing questions. Those questions are used for ETS to gather information whether new questions they designed are approriate and can be used in future tests.

Now, colleges and universities put more and more emphasis on each independent score of the listening, reading, writing and speaking sections.

TOEFL iBT Test in China:

1. Application procedure: Log in to your accountNEEA TOEFL iBT online registration. Click on the upper right corner”Know the candidates“to get the knowledge of TOEFL test registration information. Then on the upper right corner of the site click ”Test site search“, after finishing all of the above, click on the left column of the”Register now“, and register a NEEA User ID. Log in to your NEEA account, go to "My Home" to register for the test, change the registration information or send payment. Candidates can change the test center or test date up until ten days before the test date (not including the test day and the application day), but have to pay a change fee, and can only do it under the condition that the test center transferred to has an empty spot on that test date.

2. Receiving test scores: Fifteen working days after the TOEFL exam, candidates may visit the TOEFL registration website to check his test score. ETS usually sends the test scores to the Chinese Ministry of Education Examination Center (NEEA). The NEEA will then send the results to each test site. Usually 8-12 weeks after the examination, candidates can go to the ETS test center to pick up printed transcripts. With a paid service, a candidate can also ask the test center to mail the test result to him.

3. TOEFL fees:

By clicking the online payment button of Bank of China, China Industrial and Commercial Bank, or China Merchants Bank, you can pay online. Costs are as follows:
TOEFL iBT test fee: 1500 yuan
Late registration surcharge: 235 yuan
Fee for test transfer: 535 yuan
Restore the canceled score: 135 yuan
Score Delivery fee: 120 yuan for six schools
Individual review for speaking or writing test: 535 yuan
Individual review for both speaking and writingtests: 1067 yuan
TOEFL Test Prepare 1 1195 yuan
TOEFL Test Preppare2 660yuan
TOEFL Test Prepare 3 325yuan
TOEFL Test Prepare 4(only mock test)180 yuan

4. Application for individual review for a test

According to ETS(ETS)'s new decision, an application to individual test review must be submitted within one month of the test taking date. No individual review of a test will be permitted for the persons who have asked ETS to submit their test scores to college.

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