Follow the Rules and Customs of the Country

Posted on March 1, 2011, Latest updates:2012-12-14

In recent years, Chinese students to the United States doubled, many of which came to the U.S. college and even high school students. Due itself is still in the formative years, plus many students are in a hurry to go abroad, the United States is not a deep understanding of cultural practices, often a Chinese way of doing things that moved over, give yourself unnecessary trouble. Even do not know the cause of sudden, a few American cultural practices and examples of sudden, sensational news. Chinese have a saying called Romans, hope you remember. Here we are under the circumstances we have seen, some of the most basic acts of recommendations made for your reference.

1. Pay special attention to language and behavior that might have "discrimination" or "harassment" against others. Discrimination here does not just mean racial discrimination; it also includes discrimination with regards to sex, disability and so on.

2. Leave at least a meter between you and the person in front of you when waiting in a line in a bank, a post office, a grocery store or any other place, unless it is a small crowded supermarket or a fast food restaurant. Americans do not like you standing too close behind them , and don't like you to see them paying; they see this as an invasion of privacy.

3. Do not make a lot of noise in public areas such as buses and subways. In general, the economic conditions of young Chinese students studying in USA are good today. However, it is often observed that young Chinese students make a lot of noise when when they are eating together in a restaurant, which brings very bad impression on Chinese.

4. Line up to get on the bus. Do not rush onto the escalator with a stranger. Do not squeeze into the same frame of rotating door with a stranger. When closing the door after entering into a building, don't close the door without paying attention to whether someone is right behind you.

5. Do not ask about the age, weight, property, income and other issues related to personal privacy, unless the person brings it up himself. For private matters involving issues such as love, marriage, family and health, if the person does not want to talk about those things in deal with you, do not try to encourage him to dig deeper. This behavior will irritate American people.

6.You need to leave tips in many places in the United States. For example, the tips for a meal or a barber is usually 15% -18% of the expense; a hotel tip is usually 1-3 dollars per day. For hotel tips, leave the tips on a desk or other obvious place in the hotel room. You should give tips every day, because the cleaning person each day might not be the same. Besides, on the last day you can leave a little extra.

7. Some newly arrived Chinese, who have not yet bought a car, like to ask to borrow someone else's. This is very irritating behavior in the United States. It makes you look like someone who do not understand the U.S. rules of behavior at all. You can rent a car, or even ask a friend to drive you somewhere in his car, but do not ask any person to lend his car to you. If an accident were to happen, and the insurance company found that the owner had lent the car to you, the insurance may not cover any damages, and the premium would skyrocket.

8. When communicating with Americans, you should speak within your ability. Having one, say one; having ten, say ten. Do not have to be humble as you are usually supposed to behave in China.

9. Unconditional obedience to the command of the police scene, and police do not direct confrontation, especially do not resisting arrest. American police and Chinese police are not the same, very rude and often abuse of power. If you refuse to obey police orders, ranging from being hit by a shock weight were killed. If the police are doing something wrong, save a good evidence of improper police enforcement to report after the lawyer,To locate their legitimate rights.